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If you experience, from your flight from Birmingham Airport lost luggage then read this guide on who you go about claiming. It also includes Birmingham delayed luggage and Birmingham stolen luggage.

Birmingham Airport Lost Luggage ...

Even with today's modern computer tracking systems lost luggage and delayed baggage still occurs.

Here we list details on how to go about claiming and some of the procedures airlines follow:

In this search box enter the name of the airline who appears to have lost your luggage to find their contact details:

Lost Luggage ...

Each individual airline is responsible for both the security and management of your bags as stated by the British Airports Authority.

If your luggage has gone missing in transit you must report your lost luggage to the lost baggage desk at the airport.
  • The first thing you must do is report your lost bags to the Lost Baggage desk at the airport.
You will need to give a describe of your bags. You'll then be given a reference number so you are able to track the progress of your lost luggage by phone or online.
It may be you are asked to list the actual contents of your Birmingham lost luggage and also to provide original receipts.

Effectively what happens then is the airline acts like an insurance company, and as such often their compensation is unlikely to match the full value of your claim.
Some cases airlines don't declare your luggage as lost until it's been missing for a certain amount of time. British Airways confirm it's lost after 21 days have passed.
After this time you should be entitled to airline compensation. Through the Montreal Convention airlines should pay around t£800 per person in compensation for lost luggage.
It could be your airline advises you to claim for your lost luggage on your own travel insurance but most travel insurers don't cover goods that where stowed in the hold of the aircraft.
If you can claim via your travel insurance company the chances are they will only then claim against the airline anyway.
Connecting Flights
If your luggage is lost on a flight that involves connecting flights you are at rights able to make a claim against any one of the carriers. Of course they will all blame each other, but under the Montreal Convention they will be in breach.
Limited Release Tags
Certain items checked in to the hold are given Limited Release Tag (LRT) i.e. musical instruments, sporting equipment or buggies and prams.

This LRT is intended to remove any liability by the airline if the item is damaged or lost. However, if an airline accepts an item as checked baggage it must accept liability for it as set out in the Montreal Convention.

Delayed Luggage ...

The Montreal Convention states that a passenger's baggage is termed as 'delayed' for a period of 21 days after it is reported as missing.
For delayed baggage passengers might be offered an immediate one-off payments by their airline at a set amount to cover emergency purchases like toiletries and underwear.

Others pay a set amount per day capped at a certain number of days. Some will reimburse passengers once receipts are presented for emergency goods.
If your baggage is missing for more than 21 days then you can then proceed to claim for compensation.

Damaged Baggage...

Once assessing any damaged baggage claims base the claim on an estimate of value of either the suitcase itself and/or contents.

Original receipts could be asked for and a level of depreciation to any payment made will be included.

If the claim is just for the suitcase or bag it's likely passengers will be given a replacement from their stores.

Lost or Stolen Items ...

It's difficult to get any compensation for specific items the airline could argue they weren't being carried in the bag to start with.

With this in mind do travel with the highest quality luggage you have access to. Only pack valuables in your hand luggage, not main baggage.

When claiming refer to the airline's T&Cs for compensation as many state they won't accept responsibility for any perishable or valuable items such as camcorders, cameras, mobile phones, jewellery or documents.

Although this could be argued as against the Montreal Convention.

If any packed you are claiming for are listed as “items unacceptable as baggage” in the airline’s conditions of carriage you won't be able to claim if they go missing!

Advice ...

You can't completely guarantee that your luggage won't be lost by your airline but there are a few things that you can do to help:
  • Keep a list of what you have packed. You can use it as an inventory if the worst happens and your bags are lost

  • Put a piece of paper inside each piece of luggage with your name and address on it in case the label on the outside of your bag falls off.

  • Consider using a service such as Flymycase which will transport your luggage anywhere in the world for a small charge.

  • Keep any receipts that you have for items in your bags in a safe place as you may need them if your bags are lost.

  • Take valuable items such as cameras, jewellery or mobile phones in your hand luggage as many airlines do not deem such items as 'acceptable baggage items' - in other words, you will not be able to claim compensation from the airline for these items if they were stowed in the aircraft hold.

  • It is important to have travel insurance if you want to make sure that you are covered if your bags are lost or damaged in transit. Read our Travel Insurance Page for more unofficial information and advice.

  • Try to buy brightly coloured and distinctive luggage as this will prevent other passengers from mistaking your bags as theirs and will also deter thieves!

Useful Contacts and Resources...

Below we have listed some useful links to websites which provide helpful advice if your bags happen to get lost.
  Helpful Organisations
Citizens Advice Bureau
Provide legal advice on lost luggage and insurance claims.
Global Bag Tag
Service to trace lost baggage worldwide.
Fly My Case
Service which will fly your bags to your destination for a small fee.
Civil Aviation Authority
Air Transport Users Council
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